We are a technology company focused in delivering multimedia content (videos, images), text news, HTML and Android Games, Apps with guaranteed reliability in formats that make content instantly usable and searchable. Over the last few years our customers always chose us for speed of our delivery, our reliability, our support, and our ability to handle multiple formats and delivery options.

With one partnership from ATechnoS, you can get the content you want the way you want it. We have content sources available from major news agencies, production houses, local freelancers, and experts. This enables us to provide our customers with a unique combination of the most relevant content for their needs.


We develop high-quality and marketable content that your customer will love everytime .


We create consistent content in the format you want whenever you want for your customers.


Have any question to ask, our account focused support team will be with in your reach every time.

Do you have some content already but wish to add more? For clients with independent partnership arrangements already in place, we can easily integrate and combine the delivery of all your content, so you receive one feed in one format.

Contact us today to talk about your content needs. We want to help!

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