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Last week, Tamil Nadu saw fireworks during Diwali in the sky and also in the social media. The Tamil matinee favorite, Vijay essayed triple role for his movie ‘Mersal’ (which means ‘stunning’, btw). Well, the storyline and roles might be not anymore stunning than his regular offerings, but it has got the state BJP party representatives quite irked. The BJP TN units has alleged that the movie is represented the Central government’s image in poor light and certain dialogues are derogatory towards BJP government’s policies; hence such scenes must be deleted.

Of late, Tamil Nadu has been in the hub of political turmoil since the death of Ms. J Jayalalitha last year. The political scenario has been in the cusp of a new political chapter. With Ranjnikanth and Kamal Hassan, both keeping everybody guessing about their political inclinations, the state is in a state of vacuum. So, the BJP TN unit wants to make its presence felt by making some hue and cry. It has claimed that the movie had dialogues regarding temples which have hurt the Hindu sentiments. BJP leader H Raja, scored real low when he tweeted actor Vijay’s religious identity. But sadly, all this has backfired and thwarted their ambition to establish itself in the Tamil hearts. They had already misread the Tamil sentiments with ordinance on Jallikattu and Neduvasal.   

Jumping into the fray to criticize the BJP’s demands for cuts, are Rahul Gandhi and DMK leader MK Stalin. They have stated that Modi govt. is unnecessarily interfering with the right to expression of the people.

The movie makers claimed that it has voiced the anguish of the Tamil makkal(common man) by the government’s GST and other initiatives. But factually, there are inaccuracies in the dialogues relating to GST, but these could be seen as mere distortions, and not as major political battles. As for the makers, they seem to have benefitted with the sudden publicity and now the movie is on its way to ‘200 crore club.

Time and again, BJP has been ruffing feathers of states for wrong reasons, the party spokespersons seem to colour all issues in religious huesor communalize them. BJP government need to sit up and take more liberal and open- minded approach especially with major elections round the corner.

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