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In INDIA a presidential election was held on Monday 17 July 2017 where in the votes were counted and the results were announced on Thursday 20 July. Former Governor of Bihar Ram Nath Kovind of the Bharatiya Janata Party is been elected as 14th President of India.

Ram Nath Kovind went up against opposition candidate Meira Kumar of the Indian National Congress in the vote, where Kovind received 65.65 per cent translating into 702’044 electrol college votes, while UPA candidate Meira Kumar managed to get 34.35 per cent (367,414 votes). Kovind secured roughly two third of the votes from the electrol college of elected members of federal, state and union territory legislatures and was elected to a five year term as President.

Kovind became the first BJP member also the first leader from Uttar Pradesh to be elected as the President of India.  He is now the second Dalit leader to hold up top constitutional position after KR Narayanan and he took the oath on 25 July.

“It’s a great responsibility,” says President-elect Ram Nath Kovind on win.

PRESIDENT KOVIND, age 71 years was born in Kanpur. He pursued his, LLB from Kanpur University. He was a former governor of Bihar. Kovind was also a Rajya Sabha MP for two terms: 1994-2000, 2000-2006. He has been an Ex-president of BJP Dalit Morcha and Former BJP spokesperson. And in 2002 he represented India at the United Nations.

After the declaration, Ram Nath Kovind got a little emotional as on that day in Delhi it was raining since morning which reminded him the days of his native place where he used to stay in a cast house back in his childhood. During the rainy season the ceiling of his home couldn’t stand the rain and he said along with his sibling he used to sit next to the wall in the room and wait for the rain to stop. Hence, being deprived and said he doesn’t how many kovind’s like him would be drenching in rain, working in farms, laboring and would be sweating to get some food to live. By this, he wanted to convey to all the people out there that he is a village fellow himself is going to the President’s house to become the representative of poor people.

On his victory, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP chief Amit shah, Union ministers and leaders of allied parties congratulated Kovind by tweeting.

“Congratulations to Shri Ram Nath Kovind Ji on being elected the President of India! Best wishes For fruitful and inspiring tenure.” – Narendra Modi

“Congratulations to Shri Ram Nath Kovind ji for the emphatic victory in the 2017 Presidential election. His victory is truly historic” – Amit Shah

“We congratulate Shri. Ram Nath Kovind on being elected as the President of India” – INC India

Meira Kumar, the opponent also congratulated Kovind. “I extend my good wishes to him as it has fallen upon him to uphold the constitution of India in this most challenging time.”

Ram Nath Kovind also congratulates Meira Kumar for her campaign. He pays tribute to the farmers, oppressed and the poor of the country, and says they should never give up hope. Kovind also said he had never thought he would ever become the president but will carry out his duties with pride.

He finishes off by promising to be a loyal servant of the country!

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