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Be it kid’s teens or adult who doesn’t like to play a memory matching game!? It’s always good to involve your brain in some fun exercises isn’t? And if you’re facing lack of concentration and STML (Short term memory loss) issues and looking for something which can boost up your master mind.  Or if you are an aspiring parent who wants to improve your child’s memory in a fun way? Then hey!  Our “Animal Memory Match” game is all that you need which is inspired by pictures of cute animals and monsters  We bet you, this will help you in retention, concentration and also in sharpening your memory skills.


There are different levels to play this game. Firstly, you will have to select the preferred level according to you. After the selection, a screen with the classic board of puzzle will pop up! A player is required to tap the square and memorize what’s behind it to match with its pair! Once the pair is matched it will automatically disappear. Try finishing the game with a minimum number of taps to score higher. As simple as that!



Ø  Game is easy, simple and fun.

Ø  Ideal game for all age group.

Ø  It’s categorized into two puzzles of animal and monster pictures.

Ø  Both categories have 6 vivid levels with different time limit such as:

-Beginner (2 x 2) puzzle with 60 sec

-Easy (3 x 4) puzzle with 1min: 29 sec

-Medium (6 x 3) puzzle with 1min: 59 sec

-Hard (7 x 4) puzzle with 2min: 28 sec

-Hardest (8 x 4) with 2min: 58 sec

-Master (10 x 5) with 3min: 2 sec

                       Ø  Solve levels and increasing difficulty.

                       Ø  Has catchy music to keep you going.

                       Ø  Sound settings to on/off game music.

                       Ø  Visual memory training.

Enjoy playing this free game, install it on your phones to sharp and train your brain a little with our Animal Memory Matching Game! Hence, this kind of memory matching games is proven to increase brain activity and also improves memory!

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