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Hate her or love her but can’t ignore her. Kangana Ranaut is never afraid to call spade a spade and held the bull by its horn.Her explosive interview with Rajat Sharma has opened the Pandora’s Box. She bared her heart and the controversies that made the news, her unrefined and raw comments have the people love her more. That she is no plain, innocent Jane is clear throughout the interview, she is a real survivor. She has no stranger to controversies, but that hasn’t deterred from bringing forth her real self. She is a raw, unpolished no- pretense individual, and Bollywood with all its age old baggage must accept her.

Being an outsider, Kangana had faced numerous prejudices. She hasn’t shied away to admit that she was a rebel, who left home at a young age. With no guidance, she fell prey to men, who pretended to be her well-wishers, one namely Aditya Pancholi, as she admitted physically abused her.

Kangana Ranaut came and shook the very foundation of multi crores churning industry. Her spat with Hrithik Roshan was a much-discussed topic in the media. Here are forces of Bollywood; Roshan is the name to reckon with, they are Bollywood’s big wigs who claim admiration; while on the other side is the new blood, an outsider who got the cream of the industry by sheer hard work, will power and talent. Naturally, the industry ended been hugely polarized. But over the last year, the tiff became murkier and one fails to see the whole point. The matter which started between two consenting adults should have been resolved between them in a mature manner.

Being from a small town, Kangana had a lot of criticism at the way she carried herself, her unbashful persona, her difficulty with spoken English, she ruffed Karan Johar’s very much gelled hair by calling him the flag bearer of nepotism. Thus, became the creator of the much-searched word, ‘nepotism’. Again the industry was divided in their opinion. She set a classic case of ‘David and Goliath’. Not the one to back away, she ripped Karan Johar in the latest interview.Adding that this fight is of different ideologies and not a personal fight.

In an industry where one’s friend and foe change every Friday, Kangana took a bold and un-apologetic stand. Unlike earlier times, young in the society understand her viewpoint and support her. She has boldly yelled,”But the emperor is naked!”

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