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Delhi’s pollution problem has been a matter of concern for past weeks. On Sunday, the pollution became a matter of embarrassment when the International Test match between India and Sri Lanka was halted unprecedented halted on 3 occasions. Indian Captain Virat Kohli showed superhuman batting on the day as he conquered 6 double centuries as a captain.Yet, certain things did not go according to captain’s plans.

What should be a Sunday of great cricketing action ended being a bizarre game of stopping and resuming the game. Lankan players were evidently ill at ease. They were seen wearing face masks too. The Lankan players were constantly discussing with the field umpires, with Kohli helpless. Their 10 players were struggling to bowl, forcing Kohli to declare prematurely.

The National Green Tribunal has come down on the Delhi government heavily for holding the Test match at Feroz Shah Kotla stadium when they were already battling the severe air pollution. Many Sri Lankan players and officials showed their displeasure as the air pollution levels have raised to a hazardous level. The situation might just be a sneak peek into the future if things were not given ample introspect and planning. BCCI has to be more responsible with the selection of the stadiums. The Air Quality Index near the stadium was in the 200s, classified as ‘very unhealthy’.

The Indian coach Bharat Arun’s allegation that Sri Lankan team holding the game unnecessarily, holds no ground.  Coach Bharat Arun that Indian team is not very worried about the pollution.TheBCCI president also belittled the visitors by saying that the spectators of 20,000 had no problem breathing and Sri Lankan team was making a big fuss.It seems they didn’t require the mask while battling later.

But it needs to consider that this is an International event, the authorities taking necessary a precaution is imperative. The Delhi government has been sluggish and ineffective with their steps to compact this mighty problem. It has come under a lot of criticism for this. 

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