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As we all know, Social media in last 10 years has grown with the tremendous rate. Face Book, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat etc has become an indispensable part of daily lives isn’t?

Although, it’s a great platform for everything in today’s generation which helps us to stay connected with people all around the world. It creates many new forms of communication and also provides immediate access to personalized news and information. It basically connects people on a Global scale!

 But when we talk about the impact of social media on today’s youth and society, there can be a lot of things to put a light on and, at one end if it is a boon, on another end, it’s a bane. It all depends on the one's perspective and the way how one uses it.

According to the statistics in 2016, People are most likely to use social media in order to keep up with friends (43 percent) or news (41 percent), or to fill time (39 percent). Around 1 in every 3 minutes spent online is devoted to social networking and messaging with digital consumers engaging for a daily average of 1hour and 58 minutes.

Social media is the top reason for people to head online. Among 7.3 billion of Populations, 3.17 billion people are the active internet users. In which 2.3 billion people are active social media users. And there are about 1 million active mobile users. Research also says that Facebook and WhatsApp handle 60 billion messages a day. So basically one-third of the population uses social media.

As said, there are two sides to every story isn’t?! Likewise, even social media has both positive as well as negative approach!

Let’s, list few of the positive impact or say the pros of social media on different people and society!

For Students, Social media offers a lot of opportunities for learning and interaction. They can produce and retain information easily. And in today’s world contact, network and communication is very necessary and students who access social networking sites to connect and share information have good contacts.

Talking about teens who are shy, social media helps them to boost their self-esteem and confidence, it helps them to enrich and manage their social lives.

And for society social media is a boon in crisis. Let’s say it’s a true voice of people. It has the potential to influence the outcomes of political decisions.

Sometimes it’s also a great platform to have healthy argument about ongoing topics

Information spreads faster than ever, which is awesome.

Social media also helps in building relationships, it helps to have the connection between friends when they are not around and when you’re not able to see each other.

It’s a platform, where one can express them in a way that a public place would never allow.

And, yeah it’s always fun to interact with your peers, other than seeing them in person.

. These are just a few aspects there are many with which we can say that, yes Social media is a boon to the world!

But as said, how every story has two sides, and every coin has two faces! Social media too has both pros and cons.

Let’s now list a few of the cons of social media in today’s world!

Many teens have difficulty relaxing when unable to use social media. And more the social media addiction leads to more social isolation.

And Did You Know?
95% of teenagers who use social media have witnessed cyber bullying and 33% have been victims.

There are so many online dangers like Cyber bullying, pornography, online stalking (or the opposite being ignored), widespread misinformation etc! These all are in rising today! Why, because few of them misuses the technology.

People are so much so addicted to the social media that they want to kind of update each and everything happening in their lives. Nowadays their popularity is been judged by the likes they get on their posts! Hence what happens? People who seek attention and when they don’t get they tend to go into depression which may lead to suicide, which indeed is a very bad impact of social media today!

Let us put a light on a common scenario these days, if you two person are sitting beside each other, the interaction between them is reduced. WHY? Because each person is busy with his/her phones! Even though they are next to each other they rarely speak. This results in poor communication. That’s again a bad impact.

The happiness of people up there on social media these days depends on the consistency on the likes and comments they receive or the number of friends or followers they have or the amounts of share and mentions they got. Like seriously! It’s saddening! But it’s the reality nowadays!

Social Media and Internet addiction are real! There was research, wherein students were asked to GIVE UP MEDIA FOR 24 HOURS! Guess what happened next, after the handover, the following symptoms were seen in them!
-Phantom Phone vibrations
-Reaching for phones that weren’t there.

And Did You Know?
We have been officially labeled as the “Dumbest Generation” by author Mark Bauerlein, due to our heavy use of technology!

This shows how the lives of teens are revolved around social media sites. This probably makes everyone feel that Social Media is a Bane sometimes!

And says,” Don’t use social media to impress people; use it to impact people.”

It’s all about the hormones; Social media has an actual chemical effect on our brains.

Although social media is a powerful temptation and also very essential; just try balancing social media and a healthy life!
“30% less time spent on social media per week gives you 7 hours that can be spent on exercise.”

In conclusion, where social media is a boon in many ways it’s also a bane!
If it helps you prosper in so many different ways, it can also hold you down in various ways.

The impact of Social media on us is all up to us!

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