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Nawazuddin Siddiqui (born 29 May 1974) is an Indian film actor, known for his works in Hindi Cinema. Recently Mr. Siddiqui had launched his book An Ordinary Life: A memoir on Oct 27, 2017, ever since it has created a storm and is making a big headline.

In his book in some excerpts he has revealed intimate details of his life and relationships Especially, the ones which talk about Nawazuddin’s old flames Niharaki sing and Sunita Rajwar. Both of them slammed him for wanting cheap publicity for his book.

The 43-year-old actor decided to end the controversy and took to social media to apologize for hurting the sentiments of the people mentioned in the book  he said in a quote, “I m apologizing 2 every1 who’s sentiments are hurt because of the chaos around my memoir #AnOrdinaryLife I hereby regret and decide 2 withdraw my book.” He tweeted.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui legal counsel Rizwan Siddiqui also issued a statement on behalf of the actor which read “As the memoir of my client has inadvertently hurt the sensibilities of some., he, therefore, does not wish to offend any person who is or has been close to him at one point in time. My client, therefore, in all fairness withdrawing the said memoir.

In the book co-authored by journalist Rituparana Chatterji, Siddiqui not only revealed intimate details of his affair with Singh but also stated that actress Sunita Rajwar left him because she wanted to “date someone successful, not a struggling, desperate actor who was out for work”.

Hers An Expert from the book “For the very first, I went to Niharika’s house, I rang the doorbell, slightly nervous. When she opened the door, revealing the glimpse of the house, I was speechless with amazement. A hundred, or so it seemed, little candles flickered beautifully. She wore soft flaux fur, looking devastatingly gorgeous, her beauty illuminated even more in the candlelight. And I being the lusty, village bumpkin that I am, scooped her up in my arms and headed straight to the bedroom. We made passionate love.”

In a public statement, Niharika Sigh accused Nawaz of lying in his book and stated that he had not taken her consent before documenting their story.  “Nawaz and I had a brief relationship in 2009 during the making the making of ‘Miss lovely’ that lasted less than a few months. He obviously wants to sell his book and it would appear that he is willing to exploit and disrespect a woman just to do so, “said Singh in her statement.

Sunita Rajwar- who stars in the Tv show “Yeh Rishta Kya khelata Hai’ reacting on her portions mentioning her, wrote an elaborate Facebook post in Hindi which not only called the book a bunch of “extraordinary lies’ but also called Siddiqui a “Sympathy seeker”.

On October 30, reports revealed that a Delhi based lawyer named Gautam Gulati had filed a complained with NCW on behalf of Singh. For outraging the modesty of his miss lovely Co-star Niharki Sing which was perhaps another reason why Nawaz has retracted his book.

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