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The blood-curdling news of the gruesome murder of a 7-year-old student of Gurugram’s Ryan International School sends shock waves throughout the region. The heart-wrenching cries of the grief-stricken parents resonated with the numerous parents across the country. Such crime against the most vulnerable part of society has put the country in the worst state. The very nature of the gruesome incident breaks our faith in the humanity.

Class 2 student Pradyuman was dropped by his father at school, the young boy entered the toilet and was murdered in cold blood by a bus conductor.The images of innocent child’s blood sprayed in the corridors are what nightmares are made of.Crimes against children have touched abyssal. The Police have arrested the culprit, who confessed to his crime. But is this enough? If the students are safe within the walls of their own school, what the parents to do? The school which is one of the reputed institutions of the country has ostensibly imposing building with cameras, but there were major security lapses. During the investigation, it came to light that many cameras were not working or were redundant. There were no separate restrooms for the bus drivers and conductors. Most shocking that there were no background verifications done of the grade 3 and 4 staffers by the school authorities.

When young children are to be subjected to such ghastly attacks, it is a rude wake-up call to know how unsafe young children are in the present times. Immediate steps need to be taken to ensure all the necessary guidelines are set up and routine inspections should be made mandatory. It is the prerogative of not just the school, but also of the education board and the police force. All the stakeholders and the parents and guardians of the students should work together in ensuring that the school environment is safe for the children. The students themselves must be sensitized about the suspicious behavior of any staff and also about the good and bad touch. All the non-teaching staff’s background verification must be mandatory. A very vital suggestion came from the Police was that schools should avoid having men as staff at least at the primary level and in close counters with the children.



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