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Last week’s developments in the state of Bihar has left many in a state of tipsy, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar divorced his friend-foe Lalu Prasad Yadav by snapping his party JD(U) ties with the Grand Alliance(Mahagatbandhan) of 2013. Stepping down as the Chief Minister of the coalition, he flabbergasted everybody by forming the alliance with BJP. He was received with open arms by PM Narender Modi.This sudden step has brought down Bihar politics like a House of Cards.

He walked out of RJD-Congress Alliance on the grounds of corruption and irreconcilable differences of principle and ideologies with the Yadav clan. The impending corruption cases against the former CM Lalu Yadav were fast becoming the ‘elephant in the room’. During the last meeting Lalu Yadav's son Tejaswi Yadav, who was the deputy CM was asked to resign. But it was vehemently denied, so Nitish Kumar sought the higher moral ground and walked out. Doing so, he ascertained his stand against ‘zero-tolerance against corruption’.

The dynamics of Indian politics is indeed nothing short of a raging curve ball. The Mahagatbandhan(JDU-RJD-Congress) of 2013 was formed with the sole intention to curb the growing power and influence of Modi led BJP. In fact, Nitish Kumar was even projected as the only leader to take on Modi for 2019 general elections. But, BJP government positive and assertive steps towards economic reforms such as demonetization had Nitish Kumar rethink his stance. In a recent press conference, he heaped praises on PM Modi, stating that Modi will be the strongest leader and will be unchallenged for 2019. Thus the cult power of Modi-Shah seems to have trounced one more stronghold. BJP government is the dominant superpower across the country.

The chief loser in Bihar is RJD, Lalu Prasad Yadav and his family have been left in the lurch. The party is looking on to a grim future. The Benami land dealings and cases against Tejaswi Yadav, daughter Misa Bharti are proving to be the undoing for the party.

Congress party also seems to have lost the plot in Bihar. The party is left with limited choices to take on the burgeoning power of BJP.

Much like a soap opera on Indian Television, political observers will be curious to know what follows hence; who should be seeing ‘Achche Din’ and who are staring at only dim future.

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