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When a God man decides to play God, things take an ugly turn. The latest sleaze Guru Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Insaan, aka MSG has been in the center of the religious-political induced mayhem that happened in the city of Panchkula. On August 27, the lakhs of Dera Sacha Sauda followers held the city hostage and burnt and simmered the public properties, terrorized the residents and attacked the media.

Dera Sacha Sauda, based in Sirsa Haryana is a sect established in 1948, propagates equality of religions and its followers use the last name ‘Insaan’ when they enter into the folds of the sect.The head of the Dera, Gurmeet Singh’s rise has been meteoric. The guru displays brazen dressing, which defies any reason or decency, bordering to the obscene display of power and wealth. In the regional political scene, he commands power because of the million followers that he boasts of as an enviable vote bank. The followers’ blind faith in their ‘Bling Guru’ has been stoic, they don’t seem to assimilate that this flamboyant guru has been convicted in the case of murder and rape charges. He is also running a multi millions empire at the price of their blind faith. Pure materialism!

The country can only cringe at the bashful grotesque form of a religious person. As more and more details of the sinful the dealings of the Dera are been exposed. An average citizen cannot help but be supremely aghast and recoil at the Dera chief and his cult high handedness in various activities like castration of around 300 followers to bring them closer to the God and the Guru Papaji’smaafi to young female followers in his coveted‘gufa’.

 The Dera and its head have been enjoying political clout; the regional political parties have done enough to condone the most heinous crimes of the guru for short term electoral gain.

For the urban, educated or say elite, this kind of blind following defy all logic, reasoning; blind faith and the following is taken to a new stratosphere. But the truth lays open for all to see and understand: The economically underprivileged are most susceptible to the seductions of self-styled gurus. They are promised social security, job opportunities and power in the sect itself, which makes them attached to the guru and his ways. The opportunities that ideally the State or education should have provided, is handed by the glorified baba. Thus the Guru metamorphoses into their God, or Messenger of God, MSG.

When the realization that their godsend Guru is a mere mortal dawn on them, perhaps it’s too late. There is no return to the real world or to the Truth.

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