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Arushi Hemaraj murder case has been caught the imagination of the nation since the unfortunate night of 2008. The infamous case could only be concluded as one of the incidents that brought out the worst in everybody- the police investigation, the media and the society in general. It brought forth the gross blotched up handling by the Noida police, then the Delhi Police and then there was the subsequent tug-of-war with CBI.The case since then has become a household topic of discussion, speculation, and criticism.

The nightmare for the parents began when they discovered the murder of their only daughter on the morning of May 16, 2008. Initially, the needle of suspicion went on Hemraj, their live-in domestic help. But the next day, his body was found on the terrace of their house. Now, under intense pressure, the police concluded that this might be the case of honor-killing, as he found his daughter and Hemraj in an objectionable position. Family and friends cried foul on this mindless character assassination of two dead people. To cover up their negligence to secure the crime scene, the police were pinning the blame on any possibility. There was new theory floating every day.Ultimately, the case was handed over to CBI, where the other servants and clinic assistant were accused. But again there was no evidence to hold ground, and so they were left off. In 2009, the CBI submitted its closure report, saying that no outsider was involved, thus parents Rajesh Talwar and NupurTalwar would remain the suspects but there is no solid evidence or motive. In 2013, the court pronounced the parents the murderer of their only child and sentenced them to life imprisonment.After spending nearly 4 years behind bars, the Talwars walked out as the Allahabad Court acquitted the couple for the lack of evidence.

There is the presence of appalling inhumane manner in which the public opinion construed the horrible twin murders. The creeping senses of the belief that anything is a possible theory and thus bizarre conclusions san any empathy. The media stand guilty for notching up the lurid fiction in place of coherent reportage; thus made a spectacle of a demented mindset.

The night of horror continued for the parents as they were unable to prove that their innocence. They had no time to mourn for their child.  The pendulous verdict of the court in favor or against them, have deprived them of any chance of normalcy. The morbid developments of the case have put forth knowledge that their only child was not safe inside their own home, under their own roof. They need to live with this terrible loss throughout their life. And brood over and over again as what they could have done to prevent it.

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