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A Country Music festival turned the site of gunshots, screaming, confusion, stampede and death. Around 59 innocent lives were snatched away and more than 500 injured on Sunday night’s shooting. This is termed as the deadliest mass shooting in the modern US history. The shooter 64-year-old Stephen Paddock opened fire indiscriminately on the crowd of about 22,000 music revelers from his room on 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. The horrifying shooting lasted for 11 minutes, and it is said to be continuous with no break.

The mind blogging event has sent shock waves in the city of casinos and night clubs. The police have been updating the details to the disbelieved public. Even though ISIS has taken the responsibility of the shooting, terming the shooter to be new convert. But it is confirmed by the police as there are no signs or presence of the radical propaganda to intimidate society for any political and religious purposes. He has acted alone, with meticulous planning and his motive seems still unknown. The shooter Stephen Paddock, retired accountant is known to be high stake gambler, but it is his gun hording what has shocked the authorities. As many as 23 guns were reported to be stocked in his room at the time of shooting, 19 more were found in his Mesquite home and seven in his Reno home. The extensive planning by the shooter was taken into account; he had set up camera on his peep hole of the door and also on the service cart to determine the presence of authorities around his room. By the time the SWAT team could breach the room and take him, he had killed himself.

Is this the act of terrorism or of a psychopath’s unstable viciousness? One cannot be sure yet. But the US needs to look at their Gun policy with more conviction. The Obama govt. had their misgivings regarding the growing gun culture, but the Trump government which supported the Gun culture in the past, might have to reconsider their stance.

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